Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5. Day 5. Froggy position

To an Englishman (well to my English husband) toad-in-the-hole is about the peak of the pyramid when it comes to food. Sausages in a bed of batter compete with Scotch eggs as a comfort food to end all comfort food. As an Australian, I have no love for anything vaguely associated with toads. Hideous creatures causing untold environmental degradation. Frogs, on the other hand, I love. Thus I choose to tell myself that what I saw going on in one of the ponds at South Bank this rainy morning was a bit of froggy style passion and not toad-in-the-hole so to speak. And then there was the brief moment a third member of the species that jumped in. Guess it's all fair in love and war. It could of course have been war not love but again I choose to see the bright side of the situation. Whatever it was I make the following observations: a) it was full-on b) I hope everyone lived to tell the tale and c) shouldn't a couple of any species be able to have a special cuddle without the paparazzi sticking their long lenses into your business. Of course they should but try telling the members of the press that. Anyhow, there is something about South Bank that really seems to encourage public displays of affection. There are always people having a snog. Good for them, I say as long as they leave the serious stuff for those who live in the ponds.

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