Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31. Day 31. Relax!

A couple of things took me by surprise today. Number one was when I had my first Thai massage. It is true that I never follow through with my pledge to have regular massages but I have still had my fair share - but never a Thai one. Thus when the gorgeous Thai girl leaped on the massage bed behind me and started to crawl up my spine I admit to being surprised. I also admit I immediately reassessed the idea of taking my son there. I rather suspect no 16-year-old male is equipped to safely deal with that on his near-naked body. But I digress.
Surprise 2 was later this afternoon when I walked to South Bank this afternoon. Gone were the twilight markets and in their place games. Families were playing mini golf, Connect 4, table tennis or just chilling on the pink bean bags and listening to the music. I wasn't expecting that.
Two very different experiences to book end the day and two awesome ways to relax (or one if you are a teenage male).

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