Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20. Day 20. Sprung

Guests at our house frequently find themselves playing a little game we like to call Find the Toilet Paper. For most, the rules are a little bit confusing because regardless of whether it's the hideous shiny stuff that smears rather than wipes, the stupid rolls you have to fight with to get more than one square or the patterned variety likely to be hidden under a crocheted doll, there's something pretty standard about toilet paper - it is positioned such that you can reach it while on the throne. Not in our house. Yes, we have toilet roll holders positioned near the loo but that's not where the loo roll lives. That position may be within easy reach of pooping people but, unfortunately, it is nicely placed for canine claws. Given that Rumple is almost one, he has outgrown many of his puppy bad habits but not his desire to steal toilet paper. Naturally, when caught in the act he looks all innocent and denies any involvement. But it appears that of late at least he may have been wrongly convicted. I'm not sure if he has an accomplice, or an apprentice or at the very least an alibi, but on the evidence recorded today it would seem there is another creature who sees toilet paper as a play thing. Cousin Fed was over again today and this time it was the Beagle pup caught red pawed. It wouldn't be so bad if he actually knew what to do with it. Then perhaps he could deal with a far worse puppy trait - that small matter of the wees and poos on the carpet.
That, at least, Rumple has grown out of.

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