Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12. Day 12. A different view

It's a weird thing. If you keep doing things in the same way at the same place the result generally turns out pretty much the same. Who would have thought? (Not me, obviously).
I'm pretty much a creature of habit. If it worked out okay the first time, why tempt fate? I'll tell you why. Small risk equals small return. Go out on a limb and there's a chance you'll come crashing to the ground but there's also a chance the view will be great.
So today I decided to do something different for a change. I love the Story Bridge and have photographed it many times - but always from the City side. It never occurred to me that potentially it would be a far better shot with the city included. This is particularly odd as the painting of the bridge which has pride of place in my lounge room is taken from this reverse view.
So tonight with time to kill I decided to seek out a vantage point on the New Farm side of the river. And guess what? There was a fair line up of photographers in pretty much the same position. Kind of obvious if you think about it.
So there you go. Change your perspective just a little bit and you might just be surprised with the results.
Predictably, I think I will return to this spot.


  1. What a fabulous photo - and definitely food for thought.

  2. The colours in this photo are simply amazing. It seems it's away from the hectic City and a good place to reflect.