Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2. Day 2. I'm on fire

There's a reason a thing called SPRING cleaning exists - it's too darn hot in summer.
And yet today two significant projects of a domestic nature were undertaken in my house. One involved a blow torch (and the other probably should have).
Wasps have taken up residence in multiple locations around the house, all of them in high traffic, vastly inconvenient positions. It's time to go wasps.
The other involved tackling Drama Teen's bedroom. This is a job that is long overdue as I was waiting to get my Hazardous Materials certification before venturing over the threshold.A blow torch would have been easier but I don't think our insurance policy covers it so I threw caution to the wind and entered. My hesitation was well justified if only on account of the partially eaten Freddo Frog show bag discovered at the back of the wardrobe feeding cockroaches. The exact vintage of the bag is not yet determined but we haven't been to the show in at least two years .... It wasn't pretty.
But it's done and a domestic goddess badge earned, For today at least, I'm on fire.

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