Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19. Day 19. Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning. This is how things were looking at our place this morning. Chilling by the pool on another glorious Brisbane weekend.  (Here are my sister-in-law Karin, niece Jess and her cousin Luke springing into action). I find it just a little bit sad that there needs to be a movement promoting the benefits of being able to enjoy Sundays without feeling sick from what you did or the thought of what you might have done the night before. But our society's link between the consumption of alcohol and having a good time kind of makes that inevitable.
To be clear, I am neither a teetotaler nor a member of the fun police I have had more than my fair share of Sundays I either don't remember or wish I didn't. But not so much any more.
I also admit that the prospect of a 16-year-old's birthday party last night made me want to spike my own mocktail. But i did not. At my age, there are enough mornings where I wake up feeling crap without creating more of my own. And "do as I say not as I do" is really not a parenting style that appeals. If you are going to preach responsible alcohol use to a young person rapidly approaching the legal drinking age you really need to model correct behaviour. So it's everything in moderation around here - if you can ignore my food consumption or obsessive need to take photos of people jumping into the pool that is ...


  1. Ohh wow! What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning!! We had rain...lol

  2. Wise words Susan, I think I'd rather be enjoying the pool on a Sunday morning then nursing a hangover. Thanks for linking and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Looking at those photos and I have to admit I am green with envy! #CountryKids

  4. How do you manage it?! HOW?! Or is that the 17th take? ;-)

    I love it and wish we a) had a pool, and b) had the weather to have a pool! However the patio is doing a very good impression at the moment!

    1. I have now taken so many photos of people jumping in the pool I could probably do it with my eyes shut. I know where I have to stand and where they have to stand as long as everyone jumps on three and looks up the results always make me smile