Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5. Day 5. Lazy Days and Sundays

Today all my get-up-and-go got up and went.
While I could consult Miss Marple or even Dr Google as to the Case of the Missing Motivation I shall instead put forward a few of my own theories.
1) A bad case of Going Back to Work-Itis. Tomorrow the Out of Office auto reply goes off and I actually have to start dealing with the real world again. That's enough to make a girl want to stay in bed.
2) A heat hangover. Yesterday's scorcher was a full blown energy sapper which could have flow-on effects.
3) Junk food withdrawal. Sorry body you are just going to have to reacquaint yourself with a diet where the five food groups are not sugar, salt, fat, MSG and artificial colours. The silly season is officially over. It's salad days now. Get used to it.
At least I had an ally in my official Day of Rest. Rumple was quite content to lie by the pool and do nothing. I did throw the ball to him and his response was pretty much "fetch it yourself if you're so keen".
I would have, if I could have been bothered. And anyway as the saying goes "why keep a dog and bark yourself?" Sorry fur friend, tomorrow it's back to work and that means - well absoultely nothing to you really. You get to continue lying around looking cute while the rest of us earn money to keep you in your life of leisure. It's a dog's life all right.

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