Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 31. Day 365. Resolutions

Some people don't know when to stop. What kind of a person gets to the end of a 366 day project and then says "You know what? Why don't I start again?" This kind of person, apparently.
It's the same kind of attitude I have taken to New Year's Resolutions. The fact is that I have had the same resolution since I way 16 - to lose weight - and I  am now about 30 kilograms heavier than my Age 16 weight doesn't seem to deter me.  But not this year. This year will be a different story. In my mind Resolutions need to tick two boxes. They need to be 1) achievable and 2) worthwhile.
So I could resolve to stop using my iPhone but that would be an epic fail and setting oneself up for failure makes not sense at all.
And I could resolve to eat cereal every day but when I got to the end of the year even I would say "who cares?" That makes no sense at all either.
So as a really tough year comes to an end I have decided to take a new approach and thus I will make just one resolution - to be kinder to myself. That's it.
That may mean saying "no", that may mean turning off that phone just some times, it may mean creating more me time (even if it means putting it in the diary) but most of all it will mean being prepared to both ask for help when it's needed and accept it when it's offered. I do not have to try and do it all and then be surprised when I start dropping balls. This will end. It's time for new beginnings. Happy New Year and whatever your resolutions are may you find the strength to stick to them,

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