Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16. Day 16. Puppy love

I've heard it said that some women can't see or even smell a newborn without feeling themselves ovulate and/or their hearts exploding. Other people's babies have never had that impact on me. I think they are delightful but seeing one, sniffing one or even cuddling one has never given me an irresistible urge to want one of my own to take home.
Puppies on the other hand .... when I set my eyes on a cute little fur friend (the fluffy the better) I find myself taking in a cutesy high pitched voice and going all mushy. Any thoughts of wees on the carpet, chewed everythings and vet bills are wiped from my mind. They make my heart melt.
Will you just look at this Maltese/Pomeranian cross who was on her first outing to the dog park today? Isn't she adorable?  That I could pick up and take home in a flash. Even the normally aloof Rumple didn't seem to mind this little lady, probably because she was no bigger than most of his chew toys.
Of course I am perfectly happy in a one dog family and have no plans of adopting any more canines but that doesn't stop me looking, does it? After all, I will almost certainly never get to take George Clooney home either ...

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