Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8. Day 8. Barking mad

The phone rang before we were out of bed. "Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Rumple
Happy Birthday to you" my mother sang to the birthday boy. My only hope is that my mother's singing voice is in a range out of the hearing of canines as singing prowess is not something that runs in our family.
Insanity when it comes to pets is, however, a strong family trait.
There was the diabetic dog injected with insulin twice daily for two years and that time my father performed CPR on a beloved pooch on the front lawn and the mouse we had treated for tumors. You get the idea.
So clearly, singing happy birthday was never going to be the end of it.
Off I went to the specialist pet bakery for the cake, then there was the party with sparklers, candles and party hats. And, of course, presents.
Yes, it's insane. But in my defence let me say this. While insanity is hereditary (you get it from the kids) pet ownership is among the sanest things I have ever done. Pets are a great contributor to positive mental health and well being.
My Fur Friend Rumple is
1) Always pleased to see me
2) A great listener
3) Never judgemental
4) Totally up for a walk whenever and wherever I decide
5) Loyal, loving and totally devoted
What's more he never had a bad thing to say about me. Ever.
So he may not know or care that it's his birthday.
He may have been just as happy with the car ride to the treat store as he was with the cake and if he has any brains he may wish no-one in the family had sung to him.
I fully accept that a birthday party for a dog is barking mad but I make no apology for recognising the loyal and dedicated service of my fur friend on his birthday.
Happy birthday dear Rumple. Happy birthday to you

The Fed, Rumple's "cousin", tucks into the birthday cake

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