Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11. Day 11. Saturday Night Fever

 WARNING. What follows is one of my father's worst ever (but favourite) Dad jokes. Read on at your own risk.
Q: Why does a dog lick its balls?
A: Because it can
Don't say you weren't warned.
While "Because I said so" is really a tragically bad reason which I vowed (mostly successfully) to eliminate from my personal parenting manual I do think "because you can" should at least some times be reason enough.
Unfortunately we (by which I mean "I") have a tendency to over think, over analyse and seek to justify and explain things.
Being spontaneous and acting in the moment because you can may get you into trouble in the wrong circumstances but throwing caution to the wind also unlocks a whole world of creative possibilities (or I imagine it would if I tried it).
Which brings me to the Treasury Casino in Brisbane tonight which was putting on quite a light show.
Perhaps this was the lighting director's tribute to Saturday Night Fever. Perhaps I forgot to read the memo and it is actually International Show Off Your Lights Day. 
But I like to think it goes like this:
Q: Why did the lighting team at the Treasury Casino decide to use every colour in the lights' computer tonight?
A: Because they could