Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 18. Day 18. A Theatrical Touch

I  often wonder where Drama Teen's drama gene comes from. I assume it must be recessive and have been hidden for generations because there is not much in the way of singing, dancing and acting in my immediate family. Having said that, I will have to confess to being just an incy, tiny bit theatrical and nothing warms my heart more than a theme party. So when Drama Teen said he wanted a party for his 16th out came the planning paper and the credit card. Just a few friends, he said. Out by the pool, he said. Something simple. Hawaiian, possibly (he wanted to call it a Get Lai'd Party. Yeah right.) So out went to invitations to the Lai'd Back party. There are a lot of really good reasons chips, dips and party pies with a few bottles of soft drink or even a Slushy Machine are such popular party choices for young people. These include:
1) They are very easy
2) They are credit card friendly
3) The guests are perfectly happy with that and probably don't notice the difference any way
But where's the fun in that? Why go simple when you can give yourself a hernia and damage your credit rating by going all fancy pants. Sot there were deck chairs and flaming torches, mocktails and water bottles with flashing lights in the bottom, rice paper rolls, prawn kebabs and fruit skewers. Awesome (of course the most popular food choices were the pizza and cocktail Frankfurts. Seriously, young people today).
In the end I think everything worked out a treat. My biggest dread (rain) didn't happen. Neither did my elderly neighbour's fear induced by watching too many commercial current affairs programs (a Facebook Party luring hooligan gangs of gatecrashers). So really not that much drama at all - just a bit of theatre for the Diva Mumma



  1. Now thats looking delicious all round!! yum! x

  2. "Yummy" clicks.. All of them look delicious..

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