Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7. Day 66. You are my sunshine

Generally when  I utter the phrase "I just hung the washing out" there will be a resigned irritation mixed with a large dose of something resembling exhaustipation*. Well, if I don't who else will? Oh poor me.
Not today. Today there was genuine joy. Happiness is enough sun to dry your clothes after days and days of rain. Happiness is no longer having to rifle through the bottom of the undies drawer to find clean smalls.
Happiness is also a walk in the sun and today that happened and the destination was one of my favourite places when the sun shines - South Bank Parklands.
Like just about every day this week my footwear got soaked, the difference is that today the water was in the water park not from the stuff bucketing down and forming great streams and puddles everywhere.
The socks and shoes are no less wet but like the washing, the reaction is much different. The soggy footwear came when I was talking to Michelle who was playing in the waterpark with her adorable toddler 11-month-old Thomas. Thomas has been walking for only three weeks but there was no stopping him. The youngster from Townsville was taking to Aquativity like a duck to water and the glee on his face was obvious. Hopefully
 the change in weather will ensure the visitors return home to Townsville on the weekend with a sunny picture of Brisbane in their minds. It threatened to be a little bleak up until today.

*Defined as too tired to give a shit


  1. Now that is what I call warm puddles dressed like that! Amazing photos as always, the way you catch the water is amazing, it would all be a blur for me. Thank you for sharing and I must say Thomas looks adorable.

  2. I wish I could take a picture anywhere near the quality that you can. They are always incredible. Capturing the water like this is just fantastic and he looks like one happy wee boy

  3. Popping over via Country Kids. Fantastic photos! The first one is amazing! x

  4. Found you Susan! Gorgeous photos of Tommy. It was so lovely to meet you. You are very talented, Michelle (Tommy's Mum)

  5. It's amazing how a little sun changes everyone's moods.

    As always great photos

  6. Stunning photos. Don't think it ever gets warm enough for that here.

  7. Fantastic photos! Water parks are really cool places! Bring on more sunshine!

  8. I love photos of water droplets falling, they are so gorgeous, and you've captured them beautifully. That lovely little boy is really enjoying himself, isn't he?

    Nipping over from Country Kids.