Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8. Day 67. A great comeback

I am the come back queen. Throw a line at me and I'll have the perfect retort within, well, a few hours. Be patient. It might take days.
Don't you just hate that? When that killer come back, that perfect put down, that riotous reply jumps into your brain way too late to be of any use to anyone?
I really admire people who can think on their feet, whose quick brains and even more rapid mouths give them the ability to always have the last laugh.
I saw a master of that in action this morning. Comedian Ross Noble was doing his stuff at a live broadcast at the ABC studios in Brisbane.
From the weather to the traffic to a performance of a woman and dog synchronised dance team, Noble had just the right thing to say at just the right moment.
You rather got the feeling that presenter Spencer Howson was like the person in a front row seat at a comedy performance who thinks he might become the butt of the next joke. There's a genuine fear of what might come out next but at the same time a delight at watching a master up close. I suspect this was a perfect gift for Spencer who will be the birthday boy tomorrow. The cupcake from newsreader Shelley Lloyd wouldn't have gone astray either.

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