Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6. Day 65. Mushroom cloud

I never met a vegetable or other edible plant worth dying over. Ever.
Some days I could kill for some hot chips but I would not go into battle for the rights of beetroot or to defend the honour of a carrot.
Chocolate or that slow roasted lamb lasagna I had at an Italian restaurant recently, they are are to die for.
Mushrooms are perfectly nice specially when sauteed in butter and garlic and few pizzas are the same without them (apart from a dessert pizza, my mind returning to that Italian restaurant) but if I was never allowed another mushroom again, I'd be okay with that.
Mushrooms are springing up everywhere at the moment. The clouds and non stop rain are creating the perfect conditions for the fungi. Just in the carpark where I work there are at least four different types and some of them are HUGE. Many are also quite attractive and would make a meal in themselves. But I'm not even tempted.
In fact I find it curious that people would take their lives into their own hands and harvest wild mushrooms knowing full well that if they get it wrong that delicacy could be the death of them.
Despite what the supermarkets keep telling us, fresh isn't always best.  Never is that more true than with mushrooms. What can you expect with something that thrives when kept in the dark and fed with shit?
I have quite enough of that in my life already, thank you very much.

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