Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16. Day 75. Finding balance

If I had to list the three things that help me maintain any sort of balance they would be
1) Sleep
2) The Theatre and
3) Exercise
In no particular order (although it is probably not coincidental that sleep is first among "equals" on this list and Snoozen has been my nickname since I was a little girl and it also my Twitter handle).
This afternoon I scarified the Saturday afternoon nap for a trip to La Boite Theatre to see Holding the Man a totally compelling and confronting piece. For more than two hours you are immersed in another world and you can't worry about your own. Excellent.
This also meant that the normal exercise routine was thrown out and it was 5.30 before the camera and I were out on the streets.
I stopped at Musgrave Park where a delightful French woman called Joanna was practicing Long Lining or a 75 metre long line suspended more than two metres high between two trees.
When she eventually fell and her Aussie boyfriend Keith took to the wire Joanna talked revealing that during the week she was working on a snail farm at Beerwah to allow her to stay in Australia.
On the weekend, she puts her body on the line, literally.
She told me that 60 metres has previously been her maximum and the longer the line gets the harder it becomes. Keith, I noted, was very good. Yes, she said, but he would be feeling it inside. You can think of nothing else, you have to be completely focused, you have to escape and find your balance.
You get hurt a bit but everyone is very supportive, she said. It's not at all competitive. Everyone just wants to bring out the best, to find their balance.
Dead impressive but I think I'll stick to the theatre for stress release. The only thing that's likely to break is the bank balance.


  1. I love watching them walk the high ropes I'm always impressed. I love the photos

  2. That must have been captivating! Worth missing your afternoon nap for the fun of the theatre and the street. They must really enjoy what they do, it sounds like quite a skill. Thanks for linking up.

  3. That is a skill that I have no chance of doing. Great action photos

  4. gosh how clever. and she even seems to fall off gracefully. Brilliantly captures, as all your pic

  5. These action shots are brilliant!

  6. i would fail miserably at that!!! give me some chocolate and a good film anytime lol
    great photos x

  7. I always thoroughly enjoy your photos and look forward to what you will give us every week. That must have been brilliant to watch, the skill, discipline and sheer talent would definitely make me look like a flat footed clumsy fool!