Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10. Day 69. Do you see what I see?

If I stay at home I know exactly what I'll see. I'll see the pile of washing waiting to be put away. I'll see the bundle of assignments demanding to be marked and I'll see the huge fight brewing over homework.
Outside the front door the world is far more unpredictable and that's how I like it.
Every day when I step out my elderly neighbour, Margaret, asks where I'm heading. Every day I give her the same answer "Not sure, Margaret. We'll see."
Margaret is rather deaf so it's possible she never hears what I say or she thinks that eventually I'll work it out. She's probably wrong.
The conversations I have with strangers on the way start in the same predictable way. They see the camera and ask where I'm from. They seem confused when I say I live just up the hill. Tourists walk with cameras round their neck not locals, apparently.
So they ask what I plan to take photos of. They tend to look at me like I'm mad when I say I have no idea. But that folks is the joy. Not knowing and being constantly surprised at what's out there is the joy. Today there were the young men skateboarding at QUT near the Goodwill Bridge, the families at play in the pool at South Bank and the people crossing the Queen Victoria Bridge dressed in giant puff suits. I have no idea what that was about and while I was tempted to ask I decided I'd rather not know. Sometimes it's better to make it up as you go along and never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


  1. Please don't ever stop your walks with a camera, there is always an amazing photo and an intriguing story each time! I am curious about the puff suit people with their stuffed dogs.

  2. Your photographs are just fabulous, you get the most amazing action shots. Every shot you take tells a story

  3. I did that just this week. People do wonder. It's a great way to get interesting photos. I do find that sometimes I am a bit uncomfortable in the city though just snapping people. Do you ask permission first?

    1. Depends on the situation. In the past week I have asked permission before, asked permission afterwards and not asked at all. Normally I ask but it's not always possible, practical or advisable

  4. Great street photos especially the first one.

  5. Love the first pic. what a good idea. just seeing what happens and what to shoot.

  6. I can't stop chuckling at the first pic - wonder what they were doing!!

  7. That is very unpredictable! Fab photos!