Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13. Day 72. Shocked to the core

I know. I know. He's right. I'm wrong (not about the wearing of white swimming attire that's never right).
I'm referring to core exercises. I know all the reasons I should exercise my core muscles and yet I don't. Frankly I would refer to the strength of my core muscles as shocking but I suspect it's worse than that. I don't do core exercises because I am crap at them, really crap at them. So the reason I should do them is exactly the reason I don't. Life's so like that constantly attracted to the things that are bad for us while running away from the things that are good.
Anyway, it's not just the muscle strength of this bloke that impresses me. He has an inner strength of a different kind.
There's a special strength that enables a person to strip off to skimpy swimwear just after dawn and shut out the world while you exercises in public by the pool at South Bank.
I congratulate this bloke for that. Not ever, never, would you catch me doing that even if I had the muscles that made it possible.
But I will award myself one gold star and an elephant stamp for at least getting out of bed before dawn and walking to South Bank where this photo was taken. There has to be some intestinal fortitude buried deeply somewhere in that flabby untoned core.

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