Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 17. Day 76. Sun sets on another weekend

I don't know if it is the Catholic school girl, or the mother or the Goody-Two-Shoes in me but I follow rules. I am the type of person you will wait patiently for red lights to change at 3am even though there is clearly nothing coming. Red means stop. No point arguing about that.
So it was that I stood obediently behind the barrier on the Eleanor Schonnel Bridge as the sun was setting thinking how much better the angle would be if I jumped the concrete and stood in the middle of the road. But I didn't.
Then a man came up walking two adorable puppies so I had to chat. He told me I was the second person he'd seen taking snaps that afternoon.
As if to tempt me he added: "the other bloke jumped the barrier and stood in the middle of the road." And then he walked off.
It was almost like he's given me permission or at least put the challenge out there.
But Jiminy Cricket was sitting there on my shoulder reminding me to be brave and true. (I've always thought it a little unfair that the Blue Fairy never appears to reward my good behaviour but the voice of my conscience screams at me all the time). So I got my perfectly nice if not great photo from behind the barrier and walked home.
But ... there is a bit of rebel there after all. Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have taken this photo of Josh Thomas at the Brisbane Comedy Festival tonight. But I did. Just call me James Dean.
Given that much of the show was about things Josh shouldn't have done in Bangkok, I refuse to feel bad. Besides if Jiminy appeared I obviously didn't hear him for the laughing. Sometimes rules are there to be broken.

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