Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22. Day 81. That's quite a performance

At the Tony Awards in 2012 the totally fabulous Neil Patrick Harris posed the question (in song of course) Why Can't Life be More Like the Theatre? Well let me tell you Mr Harris, when you live with a teenager who has awards for both acting and debating, there is a surreal performance-like quality to day-to-day life and it's not always for the better.
Yes, everything's a drama around here.
So I felt totally at home at the launch of the Everywhere Theatre Festival today. This is a great festival which in May will take performances out of traditional theatre spaces and land them anywhere from a shopping mall to a train. So fittingly the launch was at the EcoScience Precinct at Dutton Park. While the employees went about their daily business, a man, naked from the waist up, hid behind a towel in a glass stairwell and cried into his tissues. In a science lab, a barrister singing James Bond theme songs stripped out of his robes to reveal a dress and then set about fixing his hair and make-up. Move outside and in the courtyard garden segments of Bard Wars V: The Empire Stiketh Back a Shakespeare meets Star Wars mash up were being performed.
Just like home really. Just last week Romeo and Juliet was being rehearsed as a Facebook conversation through the eyes of the slighted Rosaline. And in Year 5, there was the yet to be discovered play Larry Rotter and the Order of Weetbix performed for classmates.
But the real drama today was the soap opera being played out by email. At some point the 14-year-old girls emailing my son will learn that the email address they have is the shared family one.
OMG their correspondence is, like, totally eye opening. And in case you think I'm spying, The Boy knows I see the emails first and doesn't care. I think he sees the theatre in it. Yes Neil Patrick Harris, life is like the theatre. Now excuse me I need to contact my understudy. I don't feel like performing on Monday.

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