Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24. Day 83. Some things never change

I had reason to be back within the gates of my old Alma Mater today and might I say how things have changed.
My presence was not on any school-related business but as a paying member in the audience of a show in which Theatre Boy was performing.
Letting boys through the school gates - that's change number one. Wouldn't have happened in my day.
But we parked the car in the underground carpark (new) and walked by the purpose built water polo pool (new) to the fully outfitted theatre (also new) it became clear that the fees my parents and those in the years since had paid had been put to good use. Schools these days have such impressive facilities. It blows your mind what is on offer to the kids of today.
But some things never change and here I mean pigeons. The school yard was filled with these flying rats.
Pigeons are either the smartest or the laziest animals alive - possibly both.
Personally I think they have it sorted. Why on earth would you hunt or even gather if you can just find yourself a nice town square or school playground and wait for the humans to arrive?
I'm thinking the pigeon diet would have improved just a bit since my day when it was all Vegemite sandwiches which had been sitting on a hot port rack in the sun all day. It's all sushi, wraps and hummus these days.
No wonder the pigeons were looking just a bit pleased with themselves. And paying guests on a Sunday when the pickings are normally thin on the ground. Bonus. Nice work if you can get it.

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