Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4. Day 63. It's growing on me

My father had a couple of standard responses to standard whinging exchanges with teenager daughters.
If we said: "But I'm trying, Dad."  The response would always be: "Yes you are, very."
And if we tried to insist that the new haircut, fashion, boyfriend would grow on him he'd say. "yes, like fungus". Occasionally, for variety, "Like mould."
Similarly it is possible this weather will grow on me, like mould.
Just over two months gone of this year and already we've had half the normal annual rainfall. The only surprise in that statistic for those of us who live here is that it is only half.
Unrelenting, drenching, serious rain.
The rain that makes everything damp and musty, the rain that makes any type of outdoor activity virtually impossible and the rain that encourages mould spores to spontaneously spring into action and grow everywhere.
People who choose to live in Brisbane are largely attracted by the weather and let me tell you this isn't the type of weather that attracts them.
On the upside I only got a bit wet today. The sun did come out at times and one load of washing is now dry.
I also rather like the photo of growth I took when I parked briefly outside the office. Luckily it was only a 15 minute zone. Any longer and this,  too,  may have grown on me. It's that type of weather.

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  1. I meant to follow you every day for the year...but I forgot :-)