Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31. Day 90. Nectar of the Gods

There is something very special about Easter. Even those with who don't celebrate Easter as a religious festival, can't help but love a time of year where the traditions all seem to involve chocolate.
This morning Mr O ate chocolate for breakfast. In bed. As he has done every Easter.
Okay, I admit I'm not always as good at setting boundaries as I should  but even I won't allow the C Word at breakfast time, not even Coco Pops which I am sure have all the nutritional value of fairy floss.
But sometimes rules are made to be broken and once a year, well that can't hurt anyone can it????
I, however, held off and had my normal bowl containing a sensible amount of sensible cereal.
While all those around me - including this noisy miner on the tree out the front of my house - were sucking back the sweet stuff like it was going out of fashion, I refrained.
I could say that I have learned to act my age. That would be a lie. I will be 48 tomorrow. Forty-eight.
That is sooo old. But do you know what the worst of it is and the real reason I held out until 4pm for my first bite of Cherry Ripe? I have a big fat pimple on my chin.
Seriously, what kind of hormonal joke is the universe playing? If it wanted to let me know I should be a little more careful about what I eat, a Post-it Note on the fridge would  do it.
Anyway, it's not fair. The noisy miner consumes nectar all day and has circles around its eyes but still manages to look delightful hanging from the tree. I eat anything bad and it's on my thighs (or chin as it now turns out) and the panda eye effect is far from fetching, I tell you.
Still, I can't let one small (okay huge) zit spoil everything. No point being silly about it.
Dinner will be a family affair at one of those specialist chocolate restaurants. Chocolate fondue. Liquid pleasure. Suck it up sister. You don't have to start acting your age yet. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Gorgeous photo.
    This is the first Easter I didn't have chocolate for breakfast as I'm watching what I eat but I have to admit, I did miss it!
    Oh well, I've got Christmas to look forward too....that was the only other day of the year my parents allowed chocolate for breakfast!

  2. ooooh there is something more yummy about easter egg chocolate than regular chocolate!!
    another brilliant capture x

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful bird, stunning focus on the picture.

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Wonderful photo.

  5. What an absolutely stunning shot. So clear and just WOW!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! xx

  6. Gorgeous photo - love the focus and the colours. (None of the c word at breakfast in our house either - except on very special occasions!)

  7. What a wonderful photo of the Miner, unlike you the temptation of having chocolate in the house is too great for me to resist, although I did manage NOT to eat any that I laid out for the two Easter egg hunts!

  8. A stunning photo. Great capture on a beautiful looking bird

  9. Hope you had a chocolate fuelled birthday, spot or no spot!

  10. I have been known to eat chocolate cake for breakfast once (and it was a very nice cake with chocolate flakes on top too!) Amazing photo, so clear, beautiful.