Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19. Day 78. He's begging for it

From the time he was a little boy, my darling child worked out how to get what he wanted from me.
1) Rule one. Never ask me for anything when I'm hungry. When I'm hungry I'm grumpy and immune to the power of suggestion. No point begging. You can not reason with a hungry mother.
So we'd be at the shops and The Boy would suggest we might stop for lunch. Then when the contented well-fed haze set in he could move in and apply
2) Rule two. The puppy dog eyes. I can not resist those sad, droopy, teary, begging eyes. I know I'm being manipulated but I can not help myself. I melt. The battle is lost.
Today RSPCA Queensland hosted the World's Biggest Beg, aiming to set a record for the most dogs begging at once and to promote the Million Paws Walk fundraiser.
Human Libby Morgan brought along three -year-old English Bulldog Buddah along but quite frankly Buddah couldn't be bothered to beg on cue.
But he didn't need to. How could you resist those eyes?
The cute little rolls of fat and that tongue roll sealed the deal. Impossible not to start talking in that cutesy high pitched, sing song voice reserved for small children and four legged balls of fur.
I think I may have missed the point of who was supposed to beg but I'm okay with that. Buddah let me pat him and take his photo. I think we were both happy with that deal.


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