Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27. Day 86. Hanging on

I'm not actually a hoarder but I do have a problem with letting go. Whether it's clothes that might fit again some time, people who used to be best, best friends but now I have little in common with or Tupperware containers whose lids somehow disappeared into the great overpriced plastic black hole, I like to hang on to things just in case.
In part it's laziness, in part it's nostalgia, in part it's because I like things to be the way they are. There is comfort in the familiar - like old shoes something I also have a problem with getting rid of.
Two things had me thinking about hanging on for grim death today. The first was this drop of water on a Cows Udder I photographed Roma Street Parkland today. (I bet you think I either made that name up or read it on a sign in the parkland. Not so. There was no sign so I asked one of the volunteer guide who also told me it was a relative of the egg plant).
Anyway, the droplet really looked like it was defying gravity by staying on the fruit. Then just around the corner at King George Square three abseilers were hanging off the side of the City Hall Clock Tower. Nice. It would appear others don't have such a problem with hanging on.

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