Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5. Day 64. Those puppy dog eyes

Nellie was stopping traffic at Kelvin Grove this morning.
In the first instance, Nellie was taking her life into her own hands and trying to dodge cars on busy Kelvin Grove Road.
Carry on that sort of game of chicken for any length of time and the result will inevitably be disaster.
Nellie got lucky. She as rescued and taken to the safety of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village by an employee of the local bank who called the number on her collar and tried to locate her owners. No luck. So reluctantly she contacted council, left Nellie with a bowl of water and tied her to a pole with a note advising the pedestrian traffic about what was happening.
Tied to that pole, was sure turning heads. Just about everyone who passed stopped, read the sign and gave Nellie a quick pat. In many cases it was a much longer pat
She's such a gentle soul with big puppy dog eyes and dirty white paws. She's reminded me (not that I need much reminding) how much I want a dog.
Only a heartless cat person would not be moved by Nellie. Someone has loved her and cared for her and I can only hope whoever that is is relocated with this pooch. I rather suspect she's someone's best friend and right now whoever that is is missing her badly.


  1. Oh I do hope she finds her family! Please keep us in the loop.

  2. What a beautiful dog, someone must be missing her :(

  3. I do enjoy the cat person gibe! I hope Nellie found her way home.