Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7. Day 220. A Rolling Stone

My second worse field trip ever was the Year 11 biology camp to explore the mangroves at Coolum. It bucketed down, was freezing and I can't remember actually being able to see much less draw any of the very interesting things we were meant to find in the mangrove swamps, rocky foreshore or dunes.
I say second worse because the time I led a group of journalism students on a trip to cover an army exercise at the Shoalwater Bay training camp was worse but 11 years have not been enough time to allow me to talk about that one. With therapy, one day.
I was thinking about mangroves today because 14-year-old Mr O is off on a science excursion to chart mangroves.
Is camping out in Coolum and enduring some of the worst dorm food ever part of the deal? No.
He gets to walk to the north bank of the Brisbane River where mangroves abound. It is a beautiful spot and the site of one of my regular morning walks. This photo was taken there this morning.
The very ironic thing is that while this spot is in walking distance to the school my son attends, it is even closer to the high school I went to so exactly why we were bused to Coolum I really don't know.
Time may have distorted my memory but I am pretty sure it is not just that the grass (or in this case) the moss is always greener.


  1. That's great I love moss, did you have to lie down to take the shot?

    1. Imagine I was praying. Something like that

  2. Hmm, they sent us down to the Tweed River region but back then the wannbe biologist in me loved it. Still do, even though I didn't quite follow that path. Another magnificent shot.