Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14. Day 227. Having a real spray

As someone who prefers the arts to sport, I confess to giving just a little cheer when crowds gather to see an artist at work.
So it was in the city today when Aaron the spray paint artist was creating his masterpieces at the Casino end of the Queen Street Mall today.
It has to be said that spray cans are generally more closely assoicated with defacing public property than serious artwork but in Aaron's hands the results are amazing.
He says he is self taught and heads to the mall three days a week as overspray art is his day job and only means of income. He's been spray painting for 10 years but has been arty his whole life previously trying his hand at sculpture and drawing.
In the short time I watched, he sold two works for $50 each and there were plenty of others (myself included) prepared to throw coins into his bowl because just watching the artwork coming together was fascinating.
Funny. People don't seem quite as prepared to pay up every time I have a spray no matter how colourful it is.

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