Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25. Day 238. Everything in moderation

My father was a dentist.
Despite this he was a lovely, kind and gentle person but it has to be said he had a professional dislike of sugar. We weren't allowed any. At all. No cakes, no lollies, no desserts.
I don't think I'd even tasted fairy floss until I was in my late teens.
Of course, as is the way with forbidden fruits, that only served to make sweet things all the more attractive and when I was away from parental control I had no control.
As with so many things in life, there's something to be said for everything in moderation, even fairy floss.
Let's face it, at least nutritionally, there is very little to recommend fairy floss but that blend of sugar and food colouring has a huge appeal.
I just love the way this little bloke was getting into it at the Home Festival at Kangaroo Point today.
The festival had a strong environmental and community flavour and there was quite a lot of emphasis on "good" food.
Want a smoothie? Well jump on a push bike and power the blender. Try some raw food, or whole food or organic food.
Or tuck in to the fairy floss. It is finger licking good.


  1. Very good. That's a very sophisticated application of face paint too.

  2. Great capture of that sweet moment! Love his face paint too :)

  3. Amazing photo! Love it & could just eat some candy floss!

  4. its a strange thing candy floss - like eating cotton wool i would imagine. (not that i ever have you understand). you have caught such a fab expression of pure sugary delight x

  5. I have never really liked candy floss it is a really overindulgent sugary treat but my son loves it. Love the face paint, that is really amazing!

  6. This pic says everything summer should- fun in the sun! Wonderful.

  7. sticky fingers and face for hours after that. I never used sugar in anything till I met my current husband and then got to the stage my kids would take it with everything. Personally dont see the need for it

  8. Nowt like candy floss, he looks like he's really enjoying it.

    Thanks for linking up