Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4. Day 217.On a downhill slide

My very bestest childhood holiday ever was to Moreton Island and the highlight was sand tobogganing down the giant dunes.
Who needs snow when you can glide at great speeds down a mountain of sand? A big grassy slope is another excellent option as Tony and three-and-a-half-year-old son Sasha demonstrated in Highgate Hill Park on Dornoch Terrace this afternoon.
No sooner would they reach the bottom on the home-made cardboard sled when Sasha would scream "again Daddy" and they'd climb back up to the top.
The one downside to this activity is that you find that it's a long way to the top even when you don't want to rock and roll.
The sled was making its debut today. Last time the family was at the park they were there for a picnic and had make do with the picnic blanket. A bit of crafting at home and today they were able to unveil the grass toboggan prototype. It was an outstanding success.
Something tells me they will be back.


  1. Oh that looks very good fun

  2. oh wow! that looks amazing. poor daddy though!

  3. Brilliant idea and plenty of exercise for Daddy too! I can see my boys having a go at this! Thank you for linking up and sharing.