Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19. Day 232. Superheroes

Do you ever find yourself wondering what super power you would take if they were suddenly handing them out?
I  used to think being invisible would come in pretty bloody handy. There is a, however, a certain chain of department stores where you get to try that one on for size. Whatever you do to try and attract attention of the staff they seemingly just look right through you. It really is no fun at all.
As with so many things in life you really need to be careful what you wish for.
One power we could do well to harness is resilience - that ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself off no matter what life throws at you.
I saw bucket loads of that on display at the Brisbane Billycart Championships at Chandler this morning.
I only stayed for the events for the kids aged 4-6 but these little ones were amazing. They would hit the wall, they would crash and burn but they would then get up and head back up the top to have another go.
Here's the caped crusader in action. He was not going to let the small matter of stacking it interfere with his day.
He got up and finished the race on foot pulling the cart behind him.
There may not have been any super powers on display but he's what I consider a boy wonder.


  1. cool, what a fab capture. Well done you x

  2. Easy to be resilient at something you enjoy and I think these boys really enjoy this billy cart racing! A wonderful action caption, looks like he is taking it all very seriously and loving every minute. My boys would adore this too! thanks for linking up.

  3. Great picture! So nice to see kids doing something "real" :)

  4. I think my middle boy would have adored that for sure!Cool photo

  5. Lovely picture. It's great how will power can keep you going x

  6. Great image, resilience is something we need to encourage with age, the older they get the more easily they give up xxx

  7. There's something about children's determination isn't there? When do we lose that as adults and stop trying again and again? Excellent post.

    Popping over from Country Kids