Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24. Day 237. Are they there yet?

Every time I look at photos from my childhood I can't help but ponder "what on earth was my mother thinking?".
In just about every photograph when we were little Mum would have the three girls dressed in identical outfits. The earliest examples were hand-made by my grandmother and featured smocking - now there's a word you don't hear much of these days (thankfully).
As though it isn't bad enough having to dress like everyone else when you hit school.
You don't see that much of the identical dressing any more. Today's world is all about celebrating the individual and parents will go out of their way to make sure their youngster stands out from the crowd. This especially applies when it comes to names when it seems almost compulsory to invent a new and previously unheard of spelling.
Despite my longstanding dislike for identical dressing of children, I have to admit that I found these little girls cheering on the Olympic Homecoming Parade to be cuteness plus.
They were flag waving examples to true patriotism and just so excited to be part of the crowd.
I'm pretty sure when they look back at the photos of today they will be filled with pride and excitement at being part of the festivities and not complaining about what Mum decided to dress them in.

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  1. I'm not keen on seeing siblings in the same outfits but I agree that is cute! x