Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17. Day 230. Here comes the sun

Apparently it's winter. Someone forgot to tell the weather gods.
It's going to be 27 degrees today. Repeat 27 degrees. Suck that people who live somewhere else.
Admittedly it was a little cooler than that when I ventured out when the sun was rising this morning.
But it was perfect walking weather which lured me to head away from the river and to venture on a route I don't normally take.
I feel the break from routine was rewarded. People who say a change is as good as a holiday obviously are not taking holidays in the right place but stepping out of your comfort zone does have its rewards.
The sun rising over the church is a beautiful start to the day. Yes, the gods were smiling.


  1. Gorgeous Susan.. Gotta love Brisneyland winters, don't you?

  2. BEAUTIFUL Susan!! Same up here... possibly dustier though. :-) BB