Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30. Day 243. People in glass houses

I love my house with all its incredibly high ceilings and fashionable halogen downlights. And then there's the glass - the glass bio-fold doors to the deck, the glass balustrades, the glass panels on the deck and the glass pool fence.
Now the old saying goes "people in glass houses should never throw stones".
My father, a man of great wisdom, used to say "people in glass houses shouldn't..." . In the interests of modesty that's probably a good idea, at least not with the lights on.
I say it's not a question of should or shouldn't but more a question of can or can't. No matter what those highly annoying bank ads say, try as I might I can't reach and therefore can't clean much of the glass.
And the lightbulbs? How many residents of this house does it take to change the halogen lightbulbs?
Just one. The one to pick up the phone and call the handyman with the really high ladder.
Attractive design features are not always practical. Funnily enough I do not own ropes and harnesses and I rarely abseil off the side of buildings like this bloke cleaning the glass on a building near Roma Street Station this morning.
So for now, people in this glass house will just have to put up with a few smudges and smears. People in glass houses should get used to that.

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  1. he actually doesn't look very high up??!! or is that just me?! We gave up on having a windowcleaner several years ago - prob when our second child was born!