Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31. Day 244. Weather....you like it

That used to be the question of choice around my place. These days the question posed are considerably more taxing.
Most recently it goes like this.
Mr 14: "Do you ever wonder how different our lives would be if we changed just one thing?"
Me, pausing to give the matter as much consideration as possible while not crashing the car or burning the dinner and finally coming up with something deep such as, "Like what?"
Mr 14: "Like if we decided to live in England close to Dad's family and not in Australia near yours".
The truth is I've never considered that. I've lived in England for two two-year stints once in my primary school years and once in my mid 20s. I loved it both times but I am an Aussie girl at heart and in the end it is the weather that drives me home.
I find myself ruled by the weather. If the sun shines, life feels so much better.
Days of rain and I start getting SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
Which is why Brisbane is such a perfect place to live. Today is the last day of winter and spring is very much in the air.
It is beautiful as I walked by the Queensland Maritime Museum this morning So this is where we live ... weather you like it (or not).