Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23. Day 236. Land Ahoy

I sometimes think I would enjoy a cruising holiday and then I remember one critical detail - I hate boats.
Actually, that's not entirely true. Boats are fine, until they get on the water with me on them.
It's just I have this strange aversion to spewing my guts up.
Only once have I really wished I could die and that was on a ferry between Greece and Italy in a wild storm.
I was on deck in the bucketing rain heaving into a rubbish bin. That could have been explained in part by the Turkish lighter fluid Raki we'd been drinking but there have been other instances where there was no alcohol involved.
The whale watching tour where everyone else was gasping at the whales and I was gasping into a plastic bag; the time I went out on a Coastguard boat for a feature story, the list goes on.
The result is never pretty.
So boats are fine as long as they are on dry land, like those at the Maritime Museum.
I like this view taken this morning just as the sun was burning off the early morning fog to reveal another beautiful Brisbane day, a day which I believe is best enjoyed on dry land.


  1. Lovely photo. So glad you rescued it from permanent deletion!

  2. I really dislike boats too. I try to tolerate the glass bottom ones when abroad for the sake of the children but they terrify me and make me awfully sick... great photo however! x