Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9. Day 40. You have to laugh

My niece, whose father is fifth generation Chinese Australian, studied what is jokingly known as "vege maths" at school. Her school friends would tease that she was the only Asian they knew who was dumb at maths. It's funny because it is true. It's not that stereotypes are bad as such. It's just that they aren't the full picture. That was pretty much one of the take home messages of the Single Asian Female play briefing at La Boite tonight. The play is set in a Chinese restaurant in Nambour with the story centred on two sisters and their mum. The comedy is by Michelle Law and tonight's panel was chaired by her equally talented brother Benjamin. The cast say that a play with not a single straight white male is pretty much revolutionary, although it shouldn't be. A play that represents a modern multicultural Australia is still, unfortunately a rarity. This is a piece of realism, going behind the stereotypes to find the truth - the truth about being single. The truth about being female and a mother, a daughter or a sister. And the truth about being Asian. The set looks great but there is a warning. Don't attempt to see this on an empty stomach. Sitting in a Chinese restaurant for the duration might be more than you can take.

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