Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13. Day 44. The early bird

It's no secret that communication technology advances have changed how when and where we can do just about anything. Which is great for those of us with phones in our pockets and computers on our laps. My neighbour Margaret is not one of those people. She rises before the sun, goes to bed when it's dark, watches TV according to the program guide and uses a phone plugged into the wall. An alien would have more hope of fully grasping how different the way my household operates as she does. So this morning one of the screws on her hearing aid broke. She waited until a "decent" hour to phone me. It was 6.15am.  I'd been working on something until after 3. I'm pretty sure that in her mind there is probably only one profession you can do at home in your bedroom in the middle of the night and she knows that's not how I earn my income. She was dressed ready for me to take her to the hearing aid specialists. She likes to be organised early. I don't think I've ever been ready that early for anything. Actually I know I haven't. I'm a journalist. I don't finish anything much before a deadline. I gently suggested that perhaps I might just take it into the city myself. She was having none of it. After all she already had her shoes on and we could make a day of it and have lunch. Because after all I've been home all day lately so obviously I can just do that. I could have argued but in the end a girl does have to eat. And it ensured I tackled all the projects that needed tackling before the afternoon storms blew in. Plus I was given a very detailed update on who was doing what on The Bold and the Beautiful Margaret's guilty pleasure. And then I had a nap because a flexible work day means you can.


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