Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 21. Day 52. In a flap

It's Orientation Week. This seems to have an ability to sneak up on me every year. There seems like there is an almost infinite amount of time between the end of second semester and the arrival of the new batch of students. But time is relative. The weeks of semester drag weighed down by never ending piles of marking. The weeks between semester fly eating up the hours in forms and preparation. And then the new semester is there and the paperwork and forms are still there not quite complete. This year is the same but different. While I'm about to orientate students, my teen is about to be orientated. So life in our house is about to get really serious. The only thing to do in this situation when things are starting to hot up is to down tools and go for a walk. Off to the University of Queensland lakes with two very eager dogs. They are about to find a noticeable decline in the availability of humans around the house. Bring it on.

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