Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 14. Day 45. This one goes out to the ones I love

Valentine's Day. The Hallmark occasion to end all Hallmark occasions (if anyone actually sends greeting cards any more). This is the day for love but love comes in many forms. Sure February 14 is the red letter day for the romantic kind of love. But my husband is in Melbourne for a Superannuation conference (what could be more romantic than that?) so this Valentine's Day I shall honour the only other beings invited to share my bed - my dogs. The joy that those two bring into our home is impossible to quantify. They are quite simple hilarious. Rumple is so solid, so loving so dependable. Winkle is as mad as a cut snake, silly and playful. Together the antics this canine odd couple get up to would bring a smile to anyone's face. What's not to love about that? So after days of house arrest due to conditions not favourable for walking when you are covered in fur, it was time to reward my bed buddies with an adventure. We went to the off leash area along Kedron Brook. It was glorious after yesterday's cleansing storms and clearly just about every dog owner in the district had the same idea. At one point there was a great big playful canine cluster. My dogs looked but showed no interest. Like a couple on a Valentine's Day date, they only have eyes for each other all the while making sure I was never out of sight. That's love in my eyes.

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