Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10. Day 41. In a flap

Very often it is the little things that send me into a flap. The biggest flap-indusing thing is being late. I hate being late and yet I am particularly good at it. Still as an expert in this space I did spectacularly well today. I've been looking forward to Rent at the Powerhouse all week. I went to find and print the tickets tonight and realised the only matinee was last Saturday. I missed it by almost a week. Drama Teen, a Rent tragic, was remarkably calm about it. But I wasn't - at least not on the inside which is the worst place to be not calm. It's not the money, although that's annoying. It's being an idiot. I like to be in control and I hate it when I'm not. Let's be honest, there are worse things but it still gives me the sh*ts ....

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