Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4. Day 35. Sign of the times

Given that my son is 19 it has been some years since I have seen a Wiggle live on concert. But still I retain a huge degree of affection for the entertainers in skivvies. So when invited by my little friend Molly to see Lachy and Emma Wiggle in the Logan Entertainment Centre I was there. Toto, we ain't in Kansas any more. I mean, I knew only one of the original four remains and I knew there was a Female Wiggle but this was a whole new ball game. Apart from generic children's songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle I recognised just one tune. Thank goodness I can still punch out all the moves to Rock-a-bye-your bear.  But there were other changes too. An Auslan interpreter signed the whole show and Emma Wiggle signed both her name and the Alphabet. This is good. Every child deserves to enjoy The Wiggles. And just to make an old generation Wiggles fan feel right at home, the Blue Wiggle put in a guest appearance in the band. Anthony retains a special Wiggily place in my heart. The line-up may have changed but the joy on the children's faces and the huge range of merchandise remains. 
Later in the day, yet more evidence that the times they are a changin'.
Drama Teen and I joined Spencer and Nikki Howson at the launch of House Conspiracy in West End. This community arts space is in a classic old cottage that is sandwiched between the units and shops in Mollison Street in West End. The building the developers forgot has now found a new life and today a party marked the new beginning. The festivities included a welcome to country, a didgeridoo performance and a smoking ceremony. But wait. That didgeridoo is made from PVC and has key markings on it. Turns out it's a Didjeribone, an instrument that allows an ancient art to meet contemporary music. And were sticks rubbed together to get the fire started for the smoking ceremony? No they were not. Look closely. That's a Bic lighter. The smoke and the lemon myrtle leaves may be needed for good luck. How that comes about is less crucial.
In any event good will and the blessings of an enthusiastic crowd as well as the smoke filled the air and the building. Long may the sweet smell of success follow this building in its new life.

The priceless look of awe on young Molly's face

Be still my beating heart. It's Anthony Wiggle

Gone is the ABC face!

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  1. Thank you for your article. My beautiful darling Granddaughter was there, molly of course! The sheer delight in her beautiful face, says it all. I used to watch the wiggles when I visited for two months, in 2015, and I loved it also! Love lyn, from the UK!! XX