Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2. Day 33. Better safe than sorry

 My neighbour Margaret is a worry.
 She is as stubborn as a mule and still living in a world that moved on five decades ago.
She has no kettle, no toaster, no microwave, no mobile phone in fact not even a cordless phone, no air conditioner and only one fan she refuses to use.
She refuses to have a credit card and indeed still has a bank book with a signature in the back.
She doesn't trust that modern stuff. Every attempt we make to introduce modern conveniences is firmly rejected as are most attempts to introduce the help she is entitled to. But we chip away and chip away. Meals on Wheels now come most days, she has a cleaner once a month and now a panic alarm. She even wears it but not without issue. Today she managed to activate the alarm by accident and the ambos arrived. They were lovely, reassuring her that they would rather attend a thousand false alarms than miss one. Although she was worried about wasting their time she was in no rush to let them go telling them many tales.  When they left she wanted two more visitors and I was summonsed to collect Rumple and Winkle. They gave her a once over declaring the alarm had indeed been a false alarm.

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  1. Beautiful. What a tough old girl. Even I convince myself I need a lay down with Oskar dog, aircon on full blast during the heat wave of late.