Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7. Day 38. Eye, Eye, Eye

Buying new glasses is insanely difficult. For starters you need to remove your glasses to try on glasses which makes actually seeing your purchase a trifle difficult. Plus you have the problem of choosing an accessory that will go with everything you wear every day - and night - for about two years. That's a big ask especially as I am a person who changes accessories more often than I change undies (note. This is not a confession about poor personal hygiene. It's a confession about obsessive over accessorizing). But when you reach a stage that you can see without your glasses off better than with them on and not in a good way, you know it's time. Unfortunately if there's one thing I'm better at than changing accessories, it's looking at the rack of glasses and being drawn to the really, really expensive ones. Fortunately I can't read the price tag which makes it okay, right? So this time I went for  little understated model - that pair at the top. They are apparently a limited edition by Australian designer Jono Hennessy. Perhaps that's because only a person with limited vision would choose them. They are a statement piece, that's for sure. Exactly what that statement is, I can't say. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see...

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