Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 8. Day 39. Ruffling my feathers

I try to be patient and understanding but there are times when I let my elderly neighbour Margaret ruffle my feathers. Take the fact that her house is stinking hot but she will take no steps to do anything about it. There is a Bonair Evaporative Cooler in her house which acts as a pot plant stand so I assumed it was broken. I asked her about it. Apparently we get a nice breeze (yeah, like a fan forced oven) and the cooler just blows the breeze out the window. How do you even respond to that? She does my head in. I do all her grocery shopping but I am always in trouble. The apples were hideous. Don't buy Woolies mince (the birds don't like it), there are too many almonds in home brand mixed nuts and so it goes. I sometimes wonder if she actually gets I'm doing her a huge favour. But deep down I know she is incredibly grateful even if her way of showing it is somewhat unconventional. I also know that without the help she gets from me and the other neighbours she would be in a nursing home and it would kill her. Feeding the birds, watching the street, receiving visits from my dogs are her life. I won't let a few ruffled feathers stop me from doing the right thing.

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