Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3. Day 34. Well you don't see that every day

I have gone on record as saying my life is work, washing and Woolworths. Of course while the paid and unpaid employment does take up a great wad of time there is a whole lot of weird and unpredictable stuff in between. Take today.

1. The morning. As she was recovering from a bad experience with a cab driver yesterday, I offered to take my neighbour Margaret to the medical centre to have a wound dressed. She insisted I join her in the consultation room because wound dressing is total spectator sport. Then said "aren't you going to take photos..." So I did. I can't imagine what the nurses thought. They were most professional about it.

2. The afternoon. We have a young man staying with us for a few weeks and this afternoon I found myself helping work out how to tie a toga for a theme night at the bar where he works ... I can't imagine when else I'd get to hang around with a 20-year-old wearing a bed sheet.

3. The evening. I answered a call to arms and was with a small team in the foyer of the Lyric Theatre at QPAC armed with buckets collecting for the Actors and Entertainers Benevolent Fund. As it says on the fund's website: "Every year Australian performers make thousands of free appearances in support of deserving charities. But who looks after the performers in need? We do. Since 1975 as Queensland’s leading performing arts charity, the Actors’ & Entertainers’ Benevolent Fund has provided emergency assistance to hundreds of our members." As the parent of an aspiring actor it seemed only right that I lend a hand. Drama Teen was also quick to volunteer.

I was really touched by the response from the crowd filing out of the evening performance of Matilda. It was not only coins being dropped in our buckets but the folding stuff as well. At least one crisp $50 note and quite a few of the orange ones were contributed. Well done Brisbane.  See it's not all work, washing and Woolworths. And to prove it we joined friends who happened to be in the Matilda audience for supper.  And because my life is unpredictable I ordered fries and sorbet with a cocktail, all brought at the same time ....

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