Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 25. Day 56. Make yourself at home

 They say that guests like fish start to smell after three days. Perhaps, but some people certainly know how to make themselves at home. And some people includes me. There was a time when we moved back to my parents for a month or so between houses. We stayed for a couple of years. It's a phenomenon that even has a name - boomerang kids. My neighbour Margaret has never had kids but she operates her own version of the open door policy. Her bird feeding has graduated from throwing food out the window, to birds collecting food from the window like a Maccas drive through, to birds coming in through the window and doors and helping themselves. Some of these birds are the offspring of her original guests who have arrived as chicks and keep coming back. Normally they stay clear when I visit because more often then not I have dogs with me. Today I was doing a grocery drop alone when a pied currawong decided to pop in. He helped himself to mince and then left. A bit rude to eat and run (or fly as it was) but who am I to judge. Let she who is without sin ...

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