Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18. Day 49. A head rest

A picture never lies. As such I knew that dragonflies would land on the head of turtles because my wonderful friend and Project365 buddy Donna Weeks snapped the photograph that proved it a couple of years back. I love that photo. I love the university lakes where it was taken. I spend quite a bit of time at the lakes watching the turtles and I've never seen a dragonfly anywhere near them. Indeed there was no sign of the dragonflies there today either when I walked my little buddy Molly around the lakes to check out the turtles. She was very excited by what she saw so as soon as we got back to her parents on the other side of the lake she insisted we return with her mum. This visit was no more than 10 minutes after the first only this time the dragonflies had flown in. Right in front of me one landed on a turtle's head. So now I have a turtle versus dragonfly photo too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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  1. Hi, this is molly's nanny, in England. What an absolutely wonderful photo, I couldn't believe my eyes. How so very clever of the dragonfly, it obviously didn't want to get wet; and it was probably tired, so what better way, than to travel 'first class '. Molly looks so beautiful and happy! Take care, Susan. Love lyn xxx