Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1. Day 32. Good on ya Mum

Remember those deoderant ads from the late 70s? Their punchline was "I can get by without anything but I can't get by without my mum". A truer word was never spoken. This afternoon I came home with a headache from hell, the kind of headache that makes you angry with the world. Generally speaking this is not an ideal time to accept visitors but all visitors are not alike. Mums are a special category and no matter how big you get when you feel crap sometimes you just want your mum. And there she was. My mum had dropped by and was in the pool. She was cooling off not by floating on a pool toy or splashing about but by giving the pool cleaner a hand. I went into the kitchen in search of drugs. I found neatly stacked washed dishes on the bench. They weren't there when I left. It might not cure the headache but it does inject a great big dose of Thank God you're Here. So to quote from another ad: "Good on ya Mum".

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