Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12. Day 43. Starry, starry night

From the time he was a little, little boy, Oliver always knew he wanted to be an actor. He was never in any doubt on that point. Honestly my Drama Teen was born to be on stage and/or screen. I've seen him on many, many stages across the city since he was five but until tonight screen as been a missing link. Tonight was the graduating showcase for his one year Professional Acting for Television program through Film and Television Studio International. He had the best time last year and tonight we had the chance to see the fruits of his labours. I've never been prouder, and let's face it I'm a great, big proud mumma. His scene was from the 2010 American romantic comedy She's Out of My League. It was a perfect choice (although naturally no woman will ever be out of my boy's league. Just the opposite ... isn't it every mother's duty to think that about her son?) And in a couple of weeks he's off to start the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) at QUT. After that, the world's his oyster. It better be. This is my retirement plan...

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